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Spartan Rolling Hills-Certified Organic--We can ship overland, anywhere in the world.


Harvesting at Spartan Rolling Hills

The 2018/2019 harvest from our groves was excellent for the 2nd year in a row, in both Quality and Quatity. It will arrive in the spring of 2019. This year's harvest is a bit more bitter, peppery, buttery, grassy, greener and when given a martini shake with each use, a bit more cloudy as the ruffage/sediment is mixed with the EVOO....enjoy. It WILL ARRIVE FOR LOCAL BOTTLING IN LATE SPRING 2019. IN THE INTERIM, THE 2017/18 CROP OF SPARTAN ROLLING HILLS EVOO IS ON THE SHELVES OF OUR TRUSTED RETAILERS. 

Our Greek Extra Virgin Regular and Organic olive oils (EVOO) and olives come from our family or local family or friends olive groves near Sparti Laconia Greece.  Located in the Spartan valley, surrounded by mountains and sun drenched long sunny days, offer ideal growing conditions for excellent quality olive oil and olives.

The picking of the olives at Spartan Rolling Hills is during the early crop season starting in late November to January, when the fruit is still not fully mature to produce "agourelaio" ("immature" olive oil).  All of the Spartan Rolling HIlls Organic and Regular Extra Virging Olive oils have a rich dark olive green colour, a flavourfull village olive oil flavour with a slightly  bitter and peppery taste that is highly appreciated and sought after by olive oil connoisseurs. Tree types include Manataki, Koutsourelia. Kakoni and Athenolia, each providing their own disctinct flavour.  The olives for eating are from different groves and tree types.  This is the basis of our Spartan Rolling Hills Extra Virgin Olive Oils (EVOO) and Olives.

In order to ensure that the olive fruit is not damaged during picking times, the picking is done by hand.  Hand operated vibrating ams are used to shake each branch to reach the upper branches. In more challenging groves, ladders and and a rake-like device is dragged over the branches, by hand, causing the olives to fall onto nets or large fabric pieces that are spread on the ground around the tree. At the same time that the olive fruit is picked, the tree is trimmed to get it ready for the next growing season. And as important, taking the olives for crushing withing 24 hours is a must to prevent fermentation.


This job calls for the whole family to help. Spartan Rolling Hills family members come from Canada to supervise and participate in the annual harvest. Neighbours, friends and relatives help each other by picking each other's olives when theirs are not ready yet. Everyone shares in this strenuous, time consuming and exhausting effort. This is one of the reasons why Spartan Rolling Hills extra virgin olive oil or even other Greek olive oils, might be a little more expensive than olive oils produced in other countries.


Depending on this size of the tree, it can take two people between two hours to half a day to pick an olive tree. An experienced worker can pick about 80 kg of olives each day and it takes 5 kg of olives to make a litre of oil. This is why good quality olive oil is more expensive compared to other oils.


The olives are placed in baskets and carried out of the field  to the factory usually within the same day and for sure withing 24 hours.  At times, due to limited road access to the olive groves, we carry the fruit ourselves significant distances through the fields. Although it is very picturesque to witness it, it is a painstaking effort laced with anxiety to catch up with time. Olives in order to give their best have to be pressed within 24 hours after picking.

The Olive oils and olives are exported to Canada in bulk for bottling and packaging under supervision in Ontario Canada. With the exception of personal family consumption in Greece and Canada, 100% of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil (EVOO) and Olive production of Spartan Rolling Hills (SRH) are exported for sale and distribution in Canada.


The sales and distribution of our Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Olives is also a family affair.  Local orders by the case of 12 per case, can be picked up or we can ship/deliver to your home or business anywhere in Canada, USA or the world.  


Pick up/delivery orders are COD or by certified cheque/money order/PayPal.  Delivery orders are shipped once payment is received and processed. Credit card or debit card payments are not offered at  this time.


Simply email or call Nick at 1-647-321-OIL1 (6451) or John at1-416-826-7875 and one of the family members will look after your request as if you are part of the family.   


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