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Recent Articles about Olive Oil
Cooking with Olive Oil....Olive oil has healing benefits....

January 3, 2016, 60 Minutes article about the fake products from Italy.

November 2015..Europe News, Italy's-slippery-extra-virgin-olive-oil-scandal

An authentic great Spartan Horyiatiki Greek Salad recipe from Trish Stratus? 

Toronto Sun, February 6, 2013....Olive Oil has "healing" benefits.  A compount in olive oil helps keep the blood flowing in your intestines.

Can you cook with Olive Oil?  A resounding YES. From the begining of time, olive oil has been used to prepare our food from main course to desserts.  If you do not believe us refer to an October 3, 2012 Toronto Sun article on page 36 titled "The sweetness of olive oil". 

Yes, Yes, Yes, you can cook main course to desserts using good quality olive oils...especially Greek EVOO....and for more about cooking with olive oil visit The Olive Oil Source.

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