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Our Spartan Rolling Hills olive oils and olives are from our groves in the southern part of the Peloponnese in Laconia Greece, one of the worlds renowned areas for excellent olive oils, consistantly at their best as a result of our focused attention to quality.  This includes hands on with all aspects from the cultivation, harvest, processing, bottling, distrubution, store shelf location, tasting/samplings and consultation with our retail business partners to do everything possible to deliver the highest quality products to your table.   This includes keeping our Website current with articles from around the world. 

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New Ontario locations to buy Spartan Rolling Hills olive oils and olives. 

Caprae and Suidae Butchery at 1903 Avenue Road is now offering the Organic and Regular EVOO and our Olives packed in EVOO. 

Fresh City Farms, LIVMORE FRESH CITY FARMS at 695 Bay at Gerard.

Fresh City Farms, 111 OSSINGTON AVENUE, 647-352-2489.

New Summerhill Market in the Annex at 1014 Bathurst St south of Dupont. 

Healthy Butcher at 298 Eglinton West at Avenue Rd Road

New online ordering at Watermark Taphouse Grille in Waterdown Ontario for pick up orders,  

Ambrosia Natural Foods, 55 Doncaster Avenue, Thornhill, L3T 1L7,  905-881-7811, 57 Northview Blvd, Woodbridge, L4L 8X9, 905-264-2510 and 1725 Avenue Road, Toronto M5M 3Y5, 647-748-1725,  

Victoria Whole Foods,  on Gerard Street, one street east of Coxwell,

ANGELOS ITALIAN BAKERY MARKET, 755 WOMDERLAND Rd N., London Ontario, 519-475-7772,  

Fiddleheads, 245-5 The Boardwalk, Waterloo, 519-885-7007. Caudle's Catch, 60 Otonabee in Kitchener, 519-894-0442.

Victoria Street Market, 1575 Victoria Street North at Farwell Drive, Kitchener, 519-743-6481.

Go to the Store Location button on this website and put in your postal code to find the closest retail location to you. Also check the News section for a sampling/taste location near you.

Join Nick and John each week at a Spartan Rolling Hills olive oil tasting location in Toronto, Richmond Hill, Kitchener, London, Kingston, Georgetown, Guelph.  NOTE: ON HOLD DURING COVID 19.

The 2019/2020 harvest from our groves was excellent for the 3nd year in a row, in both Quality and Quatity. This year's harvest is a bit more bitter, peppery, buttery, grassy, greener and when given a martini shake with each use, a bit more cloudy as the ruffage/sediment is mixed with the EVOO....enjoy.

Here are some points of interest from individuals and independant sources.

Extra-Virgin Olive Oil Helps Preserve Memory and Protect Against Alzheimer’s Disease, Study Finds

The Mediterranean diet is widely associated with an array of health benefits including lower incidence of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease (AD). Researchers at Temple University’s Lewis Katz School of Medicine (LKSOM), in Philadelphia, have found that one major component of the Mediterranean diet in particular — extra-virgin olive oil — protects against cognitive decline.

The Mediterranean diet, as described by The Mayo Clinic, consists primarily of fruits and vegetables, whole grains, legumes, and nuts. In the diet, butter is replaced with healthy fats such as olive oil, and flavoring is done with herbs and spices instead of salt. Red meat consumption should be limited to a few times a month while fish and poultry is consumed at least twice a week. Drinking red wine in moderation also is beneficial.

According to researchers, consumption of extra-virgin olive oil protects memory and learning ability and reduces the formation of amyloid-beta plaque and neurofibrillary tangles in the brain, both classic Alzheimer’s hallmarks.

The study, “Extra-virgin olive oil ameliorates cognition and neuropathology of the 3xTg mice: role of autophagy,” was published in the Annals of Clinical and Translational Neurology.

An authentic great Spartan Horyiatiki Greek Salad recipe from Trish Stratus? 

Olive Oil Times....Two Tablespoons: FDA’s Takes on the Benefits of Olive Oil

Toronto Sun....Olive Oil has "healing" benefits.  A compound in olive oil helps keep the blood flowing throughout our bodies.

Yes, Yes, Yes, you can cook main course to desserts using good quality olive oils...especially Greek EVOO....and for more about cooking with olive oil visit The Olive Oil Source. Or Health Impact News.

Olive oil mislabelled 'extra virgin,  'Made in Italy' label also misleading on Bertolli, Carapelli, Filippo Berio brands, lawsuits alleges.

CNBC, November 2015, Europe News Italy's slippery 'extra virgin' olive oil scandal

January 3, 2016 article on 60 Minutes with the exception that you can order our Greek EVOO from us and we can ship anywhere in the world.

Go to the Store Location button on this website and put in your postal code to find the closest retail location to you. Also check the News section for a sampling/taste location near you.

Join Nick and John each week at a Spartan Rolling Hills olive oil tasting location in Toronto, Richmond Hill, Kitchener, London, Kingston, Georgetown, Guelph.  Check the Tasting Dates in the News Section.

Spartan Rolling Hills (SRH)..."Bringing the very highest quality products to the everyday table"

Welcome to Spartan Rolling Hills. 

Exceptional quality, 100 % Pure, Unfiltered, No Cholesterol, Agourelaio (early harvested) Regular and Certified Organic Cold First Pressed Extra Virgin Greek Olive Oil ( Greek EVOO) with Oleic acidity  of < 0.8%  and Olives cured in wine vinegar, sea salt and packed in extra virgin olive oil. 

Our early crop, pure, unfiltered “Agourelaio” literally means  “unripe olive oil”.   Extra virgin olive oil extracted from this olive fruit is distinct for its rich green colour, fruity aroma and a slightly spicy flavour.

Check our  Recent News section  for the latest news about our Taste locations, retail outlets and SRH olive oil news

To achieve our goal, we bring to you 100% pure, unfiltered, early harvested authentic Greek olive oil and olives from our family olive groves and  those of our neighbours and friends located in the sun drenched rolling hills of southern Greece, near the city of  Sparti.  Three tree types (Manataki, Koutsourelia and Kakoni) are early harvested each year from late November to January, producing a dark green, Olive flavoured,  aromatic olive oil with a slight peppery/spicy after taste. Fantastic for salads, dipping and cooking...yes you can cook with good quality olive oil.

We are involved with every step of the process from planting, harvest, preparation, packaging and distribution so the highest quality product is delivered every time.

Contact us by email  to order or to inquire about our Spartan Rolling Hills ORGANIC and Regular Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Olives cured in red wine vinegar, sea salt and packed in extra virgin olive oil.

Why Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Spartan Rolling Hills?

Olive oil is an integral part of the Mediterranean diet, which is associated with sensitive tasty portions and slower, more enjoyable eating. People who eat a "Mediterranean diet" have been shown to have a remarkable variety of health benefits.

Olive oil can quickly satisfy hunger and lead to fewer total calories. Studies suggest that olive oil decreases rates of cardiovascular disease and cancer.

Extra virgin olive oil is one of the few oils that can be eaten without chemical processing. (Nearly every other vegetable oil is detoxified and refined with steam and solvents). Fresh picked and  pressed olive oil can be eaten immediately and retains the natural flavours, vitamins, antioxidants and other healthy products of the ripe olive fruit.

The special southern Greek climate near the sea, mountains with long sun drenched days are ideal for top grade olive oil and olives. The excellent growing conditions, coupled with centuries of family love and tender care and experience, results in producing the best Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Olives possible anywhere in the world.

Spartan Rolling Hills, family members travel between Canada and Greece each year to oversee the harvest, selection and production of our olive oil and olives. The products are then shipped to Canada for bottling, distribution and sale to our family, friends and customers in Canada, USA and other parts of the world.

What is the difference between Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Virgin Olive Oil and so on

All olive oil is not created equal. Climate, handling, pure vs blends are just as few of the reasons.

Spartan Rolling Hills is a registered grower and exporter of Greece and as such is compliant with all Greek and European laws dealing with production, harvest, precessing and labeling that meets and exceeds all standards set the Europe, Greece, USA and Canada in respect to  regular and organic olive oils and olives.

Our Regular and Organic Extra Virgin olive oil is produced with the traditional cold-press process without use of heat or chemicals and contains 100% Greek olive oil from the same local region. We harvest early in the crop season that gives our oil that rich green olive oil colour and "agourelaio" aroma and flavour. There are no additives or less expensive grade of olive oils added as is often the case in less expensive olive oils sold in Canada and USA.  Refer to this article by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation CBC.

We guarantee that our Spartan Rolling Hills Extra Virgin Olive Oil is 100% pure Greek olive oil and guarantee the Oelic acidity to be below < 0.8 %.

Some definitions such as "What is the difference between extra virgin and virgin olive oil?"  can be found courtesy of IOOC at:  http://www.internationaloliveoil.org)

To place your order for Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Olives, contact Spartan Rolling Hills:

Virgin olive oils


This oil is obtained only from the olive, the fruit of the olive tree. It has not undergone any treatment other than washing, decanting, centrifuging and filtering. It excludes oils obtained by the use of solvents or re-esterification methods, and those mixed with oils from other sources.


It can be qualified as a natural product, and virgin olive oil can have a designation of origin when it meets the specific characteristics associated with a particular region.


Virgin olive oils can have the following designations and classifications depending on their organoleptic (taste and aroma) and analytic characteristics (the degree of acidity refers to the proportion of free fatty acids, not to the taste)


Extra Virgin olive oil
Virgin olive oil with an absolutely impeccable taste and aroma; fruity; the acidity, expressed in Oleic acid, may not exceed 0.8 %.

Extra Virgin olive oil accounts for less than 10% of oil in many producing countries. Used on salads, added at the table to soups and stews and for dipping....and yes you can cook with Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Virgin olive oilPerfect flavor and odor, maximum acidity (Oleic acid) of 2g/100g - 2% with maximum peroxide value mequiv 02/kg of 20


Ordinary Virgin Olive Oil

Good flavor and odor, maximum acidity (Oleic acid) of 3.3g/100g - 3.3% with maximum peroxide value mequiv 02/kg of 20 Ordinary oil may still be fine for frying or where flavor is not wanted or needed.


Lampante Virgin Olive oil
Virgin olive oil with an acidity of more than 3.3% and/or whose organoleptic characteristics have defects. Not fit for direct consumption. Always refined; you won't see oil for sale in this classification.

Olive Oil
A low cost blend of refined and virgin oil. Maximum acidity (oleic acid) of 1.5g/100g - 1.5% with maximum peroxide value mequiv 02/kg of 15.  The cheap refined oil is mixed with a flavorful virgin oil

Refined Olive Oil or Pure Olive oil
This is obtained by refining virgin olive oils which have a high acidity level and/or organoleptic defects which are eliminated after refining. An oil with maximum acidity of .5g/100g - .5% with maximum peroxide value mequiv 02/kg of 10.

Over 50% of the oil produced in the Mediterranean area is of such poor quality that it must be refined to produce an edible product. Note that no solvents have been used to extract the oil but it has been refined with the use of charcoal and other chemical and physical filters. An obsolete equivalent is "pure olive oil"

Olive Pomace oil

A mixture of pomace oil and virgin olive oil with a

resultant maximum acidity (oleic acid) of 1.5g/100g - 1.5% with maximum peroxide value mequiv 02/kg of 15

Pomace oil.

Pomace is the ground flesh and pits after pressing. Any oil that hasn't been removed by pressure can then be extracted using steam and solvents. This is pomace oil. It is considered an inferior grade and is used for soap making or industrial purposes

Olive Cake

cake is the solid phase that's remained after pressing olives. Also called pomace or sansa.
Cold pressed is not a reliably regulated label description for olive oil. Cold pressed olive oil is made by milling the olives into paste under cold conditions then malaxation or mixing of the paste for 30 to 60 minutes with the addition of heat via steam or hot water jackets to raise it up to body temperature. 


Heating the paste increases yield but degrades flavor so heating beyond that point would degrade the flavor of the oil to the point where it would not qualify as extra virgin. After the oil is pressed out of the paste, the dry pomace (pits and flesh) is sometimes sold to refineries where steam and solvents are used to remove any residual oil.

First Press
First press is not an official definition for olive oil. A century ago, oil was pressed in screw or hydraulic presses.  The paste was subjected to increasingly high pressures with subsequent degradation in the flavor of the oil.  Today the vast majority of oil is made in continuous centrifugal presses.  There is no first or second pressing, there is usually only a first press.

Lite or Light Olive Oil  
In the U.S./Canada, flavourless and often low quality (refined) oil is sold as "lite" or "light" oil for a premium price. The "light" designation refers to flavor, not caloric content, as all olive oil has the same amount of calories.  There is no official definition of lite or light

Spartan Rolling Hills is Certified Organic and imports and distributes only First Cold Pressed 100% Extra Virgin Greek Olive Oil from our own family owned and operated olive groves and those of relatives and family friends in and around our village near Sparta in southern Peloponnese.  

Contact us and we will assist you to get our product to your table or to your store so you can offer this great olive oil and olives to your customers.  We can ship to anywhere in the world

Our objective is to be your main source of high quality olive oil and olives for your kitchen or the kitchen of your customers.  Spartan Rolling Hills Regular and Organic early harvested Agourelaio olive oil is one the best in the world.

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